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BGF Integral Flange Adapter

The Ferguson Industrial Plastics Tucson Integral Valve Flange (BGF) is designed to facilitate the bolting of HDPE Flange Adapters directly to Butterfly Valves. The use of the BGF eliminates the necessity of spacers that are traditionally used with conventional flange adapters. The BGF is machined on the Inside diameter to accommodate the swing of the valve disc. This flange designed as a full pressure and full mechanical strength fitting for the SDR required. Note that because of this it is not just a standard flange that has been machined. Custom raw materials are used to achieve our level of quality. Use caution when sizing flange stud length. BFG's can be made custom for special requirements as well as different types of valves as AWWA. Please call for applications.

Standard specification

1.0 Integral valve flange specification

1.1  Scope

This specification defines the requirements for the integral valve flange for HDPE piping and valving.

2.0 Design conditions and requirements

2.1 Requirements

2.1.1 For HDPE piping in sizes 2" and larger, the operation of butterfly valves may be restricted if the pipe flange I.D. interferes with the disc. The integral valve flange shall utilize an inside machined profile to allow for disc swing clearance without decreasing the SDR or pressure rating of the flange. This will be accomplished by increasing the flange thickness to maintain original flange mechanical strength. The flange will be designed to withstand expansion and contraction forces sustained by above ground HDPE piping systems. Beveling of standard flanges will not be allowed.

2.1.2 The integral valve flanges will be used with butterfly valves and will open or close without field modification or spacers.

2.1.3 Integral valve flanges must be full pressure and full mechanical strength fittings.

2.1.4 Integral valve flanges should be sized according to the manufacturer and model of the valve being used. It is recommended that the manufacturer of the valve flange be consulted prior to purchase.

2.1.5 Integral valve flanges must be checked and tagged for quality assurance prior to shipping.

2.2 Material Integral valve flanges shall be made from Extra High Molecular Weight (EHMW), High Density Polyethylene PE3408 per ASTM D3350 cell classification 355435C. Flanges will be one piece machined from solid material.

3.0 Manufacturer Integral valve flanges shall be manufactured by Ferguson Industrial Plastics of Tucson, Arizona, model number BGF (per pipe size and SDR), or engineer approved equivalent.